What Does A Complete Project Contains?

App Template you buy from LubuTeam Marketplace contains the following things:

a- Project Source Code

b- Full documentation of the project: Includes basic information to change apps

Project source code also includes graphics, but you have to design your own graphics to complete the reskinning process and replace your graphics with original App Graphics.

Can I Use The Purchased Project Source Code Multiple Times?

If you buy Multiple App License for the App Template, then you can use it multiple times for several projects.

What Is The Mode Of The Payment?

You can pay via Papal or Bitcoin.

I Do You Give Any Kind Of Guarantees?

This product works on most devices, but some devices will not work. Please check the test file on all devices before purchasing. We will not refund in this case.
We offer 15 days money-back guarantee in case if the product has bugs that are not resolved by chúng tôi of the product or if the product misleads the information listed on the product page.

Can I Make The Changes In The Source Code after I Purchase the Product?

Yes you can make the changes in the source code & can customize it as per your needs.